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    I have ZLauncher, and have its QuickLaunch feature setup so that the side key (the one next to the volume buttons) will open the QuickLaunch menu no matter what program I am in. When I have this set up the side key doesn't seem to function to do anything else, because if I hold down the key then the QL menu repeatedly flickers open and closed. BUT... there is one way I have found around this:

    Install KeyShades. If I have KeyShades installed, if i just touch the side button for a brief moment, then it will open the QL menu. If I hold it for longer, it will turn on or off the keyboard lights. If I hold it even longer it will open the program that is set to open in the Treo button preferences (by default this is the Real Player).

    In other words, installing KeyShades not only enables Keyshades functionality for the side button, but also re-enables the functionality of the builtin button prefrences in the Treo. Has anyone else found a way to use the side button to open QL, but also still have the Treo's build in button functionality?

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