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    I did a search, and found no threads on the solution I'm looking for.

    I would like to find an in dash car stereo with a 7" motorized display, that has DVD capability, GPS, and Bluetooth. There are a lot of these systems out there, but none of them have Bluetooth. I did find some off brand car stereos that have Bluetooth, but I want the whole package, and I would like to have it in one unit, instead of filling my vehicle with multiple devices. It would be nice to have that large display to show who is calling, and maybe a company that is on top of things could even make it work with picture caller id.

    Has anyone heard of a system like this?
    Blue Skies,
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    Nope...but I want one.

    I've seen plenty of devices with what your asking for minus the bluetooth....maybe in another few months or so. And even then...I think it'd require customized software to interact with your phone through bluetooth.

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