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    Does anyone know of a good place to buy Tomtom Navigator 5 (bluetooth)?
    I mean availability, price, reputation? Everywhere I try it is sold out. Also, is it available in retail anywhere? Thanks.
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    I'm looking for the same thing! Also, if anyone who already has it wouldn't mind posting real screen shots, I would really appreciate it. It seems all the screenshots they show come from the T3 with the extended screen. I'm curious to know what it looks like on the Treo 650.


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    I ordered mine on Sunday and got it Tuesday. OK, I am in NY and had to pay tax.

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    Got mine from Tiger GPS too.

    Ordered it last Friday and got it Tuesday.
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    Best I could do.
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    Did you find it worth it? I'm curious to hear your thoughts on battery life for both the Treo and the bluetooth GPS unit. What are you using to mount the Treo in your car?

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    I've only had it a few days but I know I'll think it's worth it.

    It's replacing my Co-Pilot Live which I ran with my Imate JAM. I recently sold them both so I had to have a GPS replacement to go with the Treo. I don't worry about battery life. I have a powered mount and a dual auto charging port in my car so I can charge the Treo and the GPS receiver at the same time.

    I use the Pro Clip mount with built in auto charging cable.
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    I have it for the PDA now and its WAY better then 3.0 or USA. Is has smooth scrolling and many more options.
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    They have it in the store or on their website. Go to my post in the Bluetooth forums.
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