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    For 18 months now, I've had either a Treo 600 or 650 and laughed quietly while reading threads about how folks lost their SD cards while in public thinking "That could never happen..." happened to me last night

    My SD card is somewhere in Marina Del Rey....if you see it, please PM me!

    If I use Backup Manager and have archives on there, how much information about me did I just surrender to the public?
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    know the feeling...kinda
    My SD shot out of my 650 when it slipped out of my hand right into my front yard at 1am...took a flashlight and 3 hours to find it
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    I got myself an Ultra II 1GB card at Costco. I keep my 256MB card in my Treo for everyday use and reserve the 1GB card for movies, mp3's, and backup.
    The other day I stopped at the mall on the way to work, sat down at Starbucks to enter my purchases in Splash Money, and then headed on out. The next morning I went to pull the the 1GB card out to add another movie and it wasn't in the case slot. I got physically ill. I knew someone swept it up and it was on its way to a landfill by this point. Later that afternoon, I went out to my patio to contemplate my loss and the meaning of life with a glass of tea. The dog was waundering and sniffing as usual. She seemed interested in something a little more than her usual, so I got up to peep it out. Yup, there was my card, on the patio looking alone and lost. Needless to say I don't carry it in the case card slot anymore.
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    Sorry it happened!

    If you used Backupman, my guess is that anyone can "restore" your data, since it doesn't have password protection. Of course, I would think they might need to have a Palm / Treo to run Backupman in order to access the backup file.

    Most likely, someone gets a free SD card and uses it for their digital camera or PPC... let's hope...

    I use a piece of clear tape over my card to keep it from popping out like it wants to sometimes.
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    ~ ScandaLous ~
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    Use both CardKeeper and NotifyMe....double trouble.
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    Back when I first got my VZW 650, I was sold a case for the 600. After realizing the hole for the microphone didn't line up with my 650, I retruned the case. By the time I realized I had left my Webster's dictionary/thesaurus card in the case, it was on it's way to who-knows-where.

    I had stuffed it way down inside the card holder section, so it wasn't even visible; who knows if anyone will ever find it. At least it didn't contain any media that I couldn't replace. Hopefully someone finds the extra suprise after they buy a case for thier 600.


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    Thanks, this was good information. I just loaded CardKeeper. Hope I never need it, but can't hurt.

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