What happened? Being in IT support, I am often asking this question of the person who calls me about something not working any more "What did you changed?

As you all must know by now, if a call comes in and does not get anwsered, you will get a little dialog box that says "You missed a call"

Well mine does not do that any more. Instead it locks up on the screen that prompts for Answer or ignore. It is not completely froze as it will allow you to toggle between the two buttons. Once either button is depressed, it locks up completely. With or without ta pressing a button, the only way to continue using the 650 is to remove the battery cover and reset or remove and reinsert the battery.

As you can image, this is a big problem.

1) If the phone is left unattended, the battery will drain completely.
2) You will never have record of the call coming in. The call log does not get updated when this occurs.

Since I have a modified ROM on a Sprint unit and tons of applications, I am asking help from those with little modifications to help determine the problem. Many people have reported this without a solution found. Some have reprted that they have an unmodified device (no 3rd party apps).

Since my unit works fine when a hard reset is done, I have to think that they are overlooking something like a new ring tone, a custom splash screen, DUN hack, or maybe everyone with the problem migrated from the same previous handheld (with a rogue orphaned file). Are all the units on the Sprint network? Is there has to be a link.

If there are really poeple did modify or add anything at all, then I feel strongly that the file that receive the missed call entries is corrupt. Does anyone know where the missed call info gets written to?

I have 4 managers who have 3rd party apps who do not have have this issues. Please Help?