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    I browse the Internet on my computer using my "unlocked" Treo 650 as a wireless modem (PDANet). On 2 occassions, after about an hour of continuous browsing, when I press the hangup/power button to wake the Treo up and to terminate my Internet connection, the backlight does not illuminate. However, the keyboard lights up as per normal and the dimming function (option+shift) works fine. Also the handset is very warm to the touch.

    Has anyone experienced this? Could this be some kind of screen saving or power function of some sort when the unit overheats?
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    As the unit gets warmer, the screen dims. It happens on everyones, so it's not just yours. As for if it's a bug.. I'm guessing not, but not sure. This will also happen online using the Treo itself in Blazer, the screen progressivly gets dimmer.
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    Thanks for the quick reply. Strange that it should be this way.
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    It prevents the Treo from overheating.
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    I can confirm, this is a known fact about the treo. Call it a "feature"... I believe (not certain) they are using a RC osc to pulse the backlight. When this gets heated it slows down, coupled with a low backlight setting to begin with, it will turn off eventually.

    Let it cool down and all is well.
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    Now I finally know why sometimes when I touch the display it wont come on, but the keyboard does light up. I have to admit though, I didnt actively search to find out whether this was a feature or bug, but its good to know either way what it is.

    When this happens, is there no way to override this? Its hard to see it in the dark when the display wont light back up.
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    Thanks everyone. I have tried moving the brightness slider all the way up and soft resets but that does not restore the backlight. I did panic then but as Shadowmite says, allow it to cool. Placing the the Treo with the screen face down or face up resting on anything so it is not completely flat on the table and does not cover the rear speaker seems to slow down the overheating. Better ventilation I guess. Not had any marathon downloading sessions yet to see if it really helps. The again, I do get some faint blotches of black appearing at the top of the screen now and then. Perhaps I will try face down with the back cover removed or slightly opened. Hmm... while I am at it, perhaps a CPU fan...
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    just got my treo this past week and loving it... although, just had an hour long phone call on my treo 650 and lo and behold the backlight isn't working. started freaking out and thinking about defective treos and display problems and overheating, etc. etc. that sucka was warm too (warm enough to heat up my metal case). lets just say i panicked a little and was ready to return the darn thing for a replacement since i'm still within my first 14 days. glad to find out this is a "feature" and not a bug. don't remember that feature in the manual... thanks guys for calming me down...

    woo woo... my first post... i guess i can continue the hunt for a nicely priced 1gig SD card...
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