Took me a while to realise what was happening. From every other Palm I've had since the Palm Professional (2MB) - now 5 models in 10 years.... I have always had System Sounds set to off - because I find the menu & tap 'tick' 'tick' sound annoying. AND Separate to that the Alarm Sound setting was separate & switched on switched to High

Now I have a Treo & of course I have System sound set to OFF (General, System Volume = off), however I thought there was a bug 'cause I could never get Tasks, or Notepad or Voicepad to ring an alarm anymore - they popped up a screen OK but no noise. Meanwhile I thought Alarms were on because they were ringing for Calendar & so on....Now I relaise that Calendar is of course separate - HOWEVER unless you have System sound set to on - you will never hear alarm sound (System MIDI) for all other apps - It should be labeled 'System & Other Alarm Volume', not just 'System Volume'. Now I get some alarms & not all. On a little further digging I realise that these other Apps are using legacy Alarms (System MIDI) file & of course have a different pick list & cannot initiate vibrate either... This seems like a feature that is a bug to me?