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    i am having a minor, albeit annoying, problem with my vzw t650. here is the situation:

    i go to sms and tap "new."
    i start to type the contacts name and then hit the down button.
    i then select the number i want and hit ok.
    the number comes up in the "to" field with '.' in the number (ie: 555.555.5555)
    if i try to send the tm with the number in this format, it says that it is an invalid number.
    i then have to go back and replace the '.' with '-' (555.555.5555 -> 555-555-5555).
    message is then sent.

    this does not happen if i try to generate a message from my contacts (contacts -> highlight mobile number -> choose message). the number then shows up with '-' in between the digits and the message sends.

    thanks for any thoughts . . .
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    My guess is your network doesn't recognize the periods. When you call from the contacts Db it automaticlly reformats the number
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