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    I ha ve TREO 650 for last 5-6 months, but have not been ableto configure it with Activesync. It has become very frstrating. I can POP my emails, but want to use ActiveSync.
    I called Cingular. They told me to call Palm. I called Palm they tried to help me then told me to call Microsoft.
    I called Microsoft. They want 245$ to help me out
    This is crazy.
    I have all hte setting correct..I think.
    I am tryingto use Active Sync on Exchange 2003 on Small Business Suit.
    PLEASE HELP !!!!!
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    I am having the same syptoms on T-mobile. Can POP, but can not ActiveSync my Work email on Exchange 2003. The syptom happened about two weeks ago.
    10/10/04 Ebayed my T600 ...
    I want my Treo 650 !!
    Got my unlocked T650 3/31/05
    CNG Unlocked 650 on TMo Network
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    There are several people here with experience setting up Activesync and I'm sure someone can help you. Why don't you explain what sort of problem or error messages you are getting when trying to sync.
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    1. is activesync set up on the server ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pabo
    1. is activesync set up on the server ?
    Technically ActiveSync doesn't get setup on the server. You do have to be able to access your mailbox via OMA (Outlook Mobile Access) to be enabled on the server though.
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    My exchange server (latest version) wouldn't allow me to connect even though OMA was set up until the server it ran on was upgrade to Server 2003, once that was done it was painless.

    Some links that I used to educate myself (and to take bits and pieces of the solutions from these sites to troubleshoot) are:;en-us;817379

    Again the solution for me was just the server 2003 upgrade. I had been able to get to my outlook mail via POP3, but not active sync before then.
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    I just had my IT deparment configure mine and the exchange server was using Webmail. Have you tried your Webmail exchange server address?
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    Hey All,
    I am new to the whole Treo thing so perhaps some of you experts can explain if the Treo 600/650 will work with Microsoft Small Business Exchange Server 2003/2000? I would appreciate any info you may have and also I really would like to understand how to Configure VersaEmail 3.0 or what ever it is called when I get started? Once again I do appologize for my ignorance and hope someone can educate me on this stuff?
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    Activesync (which actually transfers email to your mobile device) and OMA (which is just a PDA-optimized view of the Outlook web client and does not sync email to the device) are enabled with separate settings on the Exchange 2003 server. Having one enabled for your account doesn't mean the other is enabled.


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