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    Newbie question.

    On my Cingular 650, I use VersaMail and Microsoft ActiveSync to access my corporate e-mail and calendar items in Microsoft Outlook.

    My e-mails have been synching well via wireless. Items sent from my Treo show up in the Sent folder on my desktop.

    However, on the Calendar, I just noticed that whenever I enter an item on my Treo, it does not show up in my desktop Outlook Calendar after wireless synching. The converse is not true. Items entered onto my desktop Calendar do show up on my Treo Calendar after wireless sync.

    Is there some setting I need to change so the the Treo Calendar and desktop Outlook Calendar truly sych?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hi There,
    Can you help me. I have been trying ot setup my Treo with ActiveSync and not successful. I ma using Exchange 2003 wiht Small business server. I am hosting my own exchange server.
    I would appreciate any help or pointers you can give. IT is very frustrating. I am trying it for last 3-4 months with no success.
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    Check out this thread: for a description of the problem.

    And this thread:

    For news that it seems to be fixed with the new Cingular update.

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