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    Has anyone got any leads on a bit of freeware that will work on the 650 that can do conversions of distance, area, etc? This would be most helfpul and I have yet to come across anything thats not shareware.

    If there is NONE available in a freeware, any recomendations on an INEXPENSIVE converter suite?

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    How about the standard calculator that comes with your phone.

    Open it up and then press right until you find the conversion types you want. If you ever want to reset to the "standard" calculator...just press left.

    Hope you like it.
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    It's free.

    Edit = wow, three posts at the same time.

    Yeah, what Alex said.
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    Wow, thanks guys. Convertor is exactly what I was looking for. The features in calculator are pretty neat as well. Thanks for the input!

    Much appreciated.
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    Dang, you beat me to the answer. I love converter. It is one of the hidden gems of free Palm apps.
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    I could not live without Converter. Moving to the US and using these darn Imperial(English) measurements nearly killed me.
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    Or - Excel under Docs 2 Go. (mine came on the CD with the phone).

    Using my treo 650 for business:

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