I think this has been posted here before, but there is a new product coming out soon called the iMuffs made by a company called Wi-Gear. Anyway, I read up on these from ipodlounge.com and thought they sounded interesting so I went to their site. After reading there for a bit I noticed that the headphones were BT 1.2 so I was skeptical of whether or not they'd work with the 650. Then I e-mailed them to ask and they said that the headphones would work with the 650 but you would not be able to listen to mp3's through the headphones.

The reply I got from them is as follows: 'The iMuffs work with the Treo 650 for use as a headset for telephone conversations. The Treo 650 does not, however, support sending MP3s or other music over Bluetooth to any headphones, so the iMuffs would not work for this purpose.'

So even though they won't work with listening to mp3's that won't be a big deal for me since I don't listen to mp3's on my 650 anyway, I have an iPod for that. So this would actually work out well for me... plug in their dongle to my iPod so I can listen to music through it and have it paired with my 650 as well so that I can also accept calls all in the same headset. Anyone see any problems with this???

Now I just gotta wait to see how much they cost...