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    i have purchased 3 of these for phones
    @ my company and everyone including me have same complaint, you have to have phone on same side of body as ear piece or it sound like you are on a cordless phone from the 80's lots of static, if you hold phone it is perfect or if you move it to other side it is lessened, the phone is only 2-3 feet from earpiece so i dont think it is out of range. TIA
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    I noticed the same thing...I'm glad it's not me.
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    I guess there is no solution to the issue?
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    Mine does the same. I assumed that all of the bluetooth headsets had to be within eyesight o the Treo. Is this untrue.

    However my sound is good. And no one has any complaints when I follow this rule.
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    mine too after 3 RMAs.... scala sucks.
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    I think this is more of an issue with the weak implementation on BT on the Treo, and not the Scala headset. I have to keep my Treo on the same side as my headset, whether I am using my Scala or my Treo BT headset.
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    It is both. I have had a couple and they are not very good. Everyone says I cut in and out on it - even when they sound ok to me.

    I am trying the Treo Wireless next.
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    Eh... the Scala 500 isn't the greatest...but I'm not complaining for $30 bucks I paid for it!
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    I tried to make it work but finally decided to return mine. My goal is to at least be able to have the Treo in my bag sitting on the passenger side of my vehicle while using the headset. The 500 was very bad even if on the opposite side of my body.

    Just for kicks I tried a friends motorola headset. I was able to get >20 feet in an office environment through a wall before even getting a hint of static.

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