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    I have a solution for viewing PDFs on your Treo or Treo 650.

    Check out my blog post:
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    Has anyone out there tried JPEDAL on a Treo? I have a Treo 600 which I doubt has enough horsepower (and I haven't yet shelled out the $6 for Java), but perhaps a Treo 650 with Java can do it.

    Alternatives using gateways include the open source PDFTOHTML:
    (which I also haven't tried)
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    JPedal appears to require Java SE (desktop Java). Java for the Treo is Java ME (Micro Edition).
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    the problem with adobe is the slow conversion times... the problem with dataviz is that you still have to convert it, but its a text document basically at that point. another issue with dataviz is that it doesnt save your spot. so if you exit out of the document and lets say you are half way thru a 300 page ebook, you go back to page 1 when your reopen it. same thing if you convert it to word. its frustrating.

    does piscel hold the page you are on?
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    Quote Originally Posted by stevestr
    DataViz v.7 Professional claims it can handle .PDFs. They have been nagging me to upgrade from v. 6.

    Might want to check their website.

    Hmm.. according to
    their PDF is only text support. Not sure if that will help you or not.
    DTG only supports native TEXT based pdf's. For full pdf support with tables, pics etc, you will have to use Piscel Viewer as mentioned in this thread extracts from the i539. All other solutions require destop conversion or server conversion...
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    so DTG will allow NATIVE viewing of text based PDF's from email attachments?
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    PDF Viewer for Treo and Blackberry and More
    Receive PDF email attachments and view them on your wireless PDA!


    Works on Treo 600/650, most color Blackberry models, and more. No additional handheld software or desktop software required*.

    New Release of PDF2PDA- August 23rd 2005
    Cook Consulting Services, Inc. is proud to announce the formal release of PDF2PDA, now with color support. With PDF2PDA, you can now view full color PDF email attachments on the most popular wireless handhelds, no strings attached. This is a completely wireless solution. No additional handheld software or desktop software is required*. This solution supports any PDF and all mobile email applications that support jpg attachment downloading and viewing.
    Evaluate PDF2PDA for 5 days for free. After evaluation, buy a PDF2PDA 1-year service subscription for $40 USD for the individual.

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