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    I am using the T650Rom.exe tool to create my custom rom (based on 112ROM5 from shadowmite's site).
    I add a couple of apps:

    And when I click build/create it tells me I have 48kb left (good...)

    So I follow the steps in the readme & shadow's site to apply the new built ROM and hard reset the phone.

    But when I restore it all... the above 6 apps do not show up on the application launcher.
    They are simply not there.

    Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

    I used my own custom rom during the 1.03 days so I'm almost sure I know what I'm doing.

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    Are you copying the right two files that "build it" created to the Palm and ROM folder on the SD card? I think it creates a folder called CustomROM when you click "Build It"
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    Yep sure.

    I found out what the issue was (mention in one of Shadowmite's forum posts), when you add multiple PRCs to the custom rom you should add them one by one and not all at once (shift/ctrl select).

    When you add them all at once this might happen.

    Works great now

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    I would reallly reallly reallly love to do this but of course I am a bit nervous. I have a treo 650 using sprint. Can someone post here a link to the necessary programs and rom's I would need to do this as well as the instructions. I have downloaded tons of stuff over the past couple of months trying to get up the courage to do this but it is all over the place and I like this straight forward.

    thanks for any and all help

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