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    I have the Treo 600. I recently purchased a Jabra BT200 and an adapter. The setup works great, except...

    1. Other people don't hear me well when the phone and adapter are on my hip (so I have to hold them in my hand)
    2. The adapter is 2" in diameter

    I would like to see a small nub adapter that is about half the size of the Treo's antenna, that plugs into the 2.5mm jack.
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    More than likely the sound problem you are experiencing has nothing to do with the adapter; it's probably the headset. I don't know which adapter you are using, but if you are using the one that comes with the BT200, then you might want to look into getting the Jabra A210. Not necessarily as small as you would like, but considerably smaller than the adapter the comes with the BT200. As far as headsets, I recommend looking through a few threads where people have reviews on different headsets. There have been great reviews on the Scala, Sony Ericsson Headsets, and a couple others I can't remember off the top of my head.
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    Thanx. I went with the BT200 because it came with the adapter. But, I have noticed that even on the Jabra site, they recommend the A210. I guess that should have been my hint.
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    I bought the BT200 when it first came out and used it on and off for a while, but, mostly off because people always complained about not hearing me clearly. I finally packed it away and just gave up on BT.

    However, last week I purchased the A210 and Logitech Mobile Pro headset and the combo works GREAT with my 600. I also use it with my home phone for totally hands-free calls. Most people can't tell that I'm on a headset with it.
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    I am glad it is working out for you.

    I just recently purchased the Sony HBH662 headset. Initially impressed, but found it painful to wear after five hours or so and a bit on the tinny side. The Logitech Mobile Pro tore both ears up due to its weight.


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