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    I posted this in the 650 forum and I think this is the better place.

    My problem is that when I use Versamail, every 15 minutes my Treo syncs and I cannot get incoming calls.
    If I use Business Connection will I avoid this? In other words, does Business Connection make it so you cannot use the phone while you are getting mail?

    Does anyone know the cost of Business Connection?

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    BC Personal or Enterprise Edition? I don't know about PE but with EE it is essentially push and not a timed sync. You wouldn't get phone calls during the actual push, but that's a very short amount of time; on the order of seconds. And only when there are actual new messages to sync.

    CDMA currently does not do voice & data concurrently so this isn't a Treo issue.
    - Fushigi
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    Also with the EE (I'm not sure about the PE but presume it is the same) BizConn won't sync while you are on a call. Accordingly, you're phone call does not get hijacked. I have been very happy with BizConn.
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    Your phone call will not get hijacked, but if you are checking mail, you cannot receive calls. This is a function of the phone, not the software. The benefit of BC is that you can configure it only to check for mail when you have it, so you don't block out calls for no reason.

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