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    I tried to send an MMS message (a picture of my dog) to a friend in San Diego (I am in new jersey). She has a regular motorola picture capable camera phone, I have my treo. I also have VZW's unlimited pic, txt, vid message package. When I sent the MMS, it went through on my end fine, then it gave me an error message "Invalid recipient"

    Any idea what this could be?
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    Are you both on Verizon and have picture sending/recieving enabled?
    If so then call tech support. I've found mms to be very flaky on verizon and to be down frequently so there may be problems on their end.
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    Both are Verizon, she has done it several times (sent/recieved pics), and I have the unlimited package from VZW. I don't know what else needs to be "enabeled"? Is there a setting in my Treo that I am not aware of?
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    Sounds like it's worth making a call to tech support since there's not much in the way of settings. The main thing would be to make sure her number is correct. Other options is to send via (i.e. <her number>
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    I have a similar problem on cingular, except I get "Unknown Carrier" I also can't call my friend either, but she can call me. I can't text or MMS unless she does such first so it's a bit weird, CS is trying to fix it. Call CS if you can.
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    I get the same error with my new vzw 650 as well.

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