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    I am new to the forum, and find this site very informative. I usually post at 1SRC.

    I just dumped my Sony Clie UX50 for a Treo 650, which, I must admit, is loaded with "Issues". However, most things seem to work well. (Except Versa Mail ), and you can't attach files with the Verizon Wirless Sync .

    Enough of the rant. Do I need the BTManager hack in order for my Verizon phone to use any BT devices other than a headset? I want to use a GPS system and have seem much in the way of conflicting reports as to wether or not it will work.

    Thanks in advance.

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    My wife's Verizon 650 runs TomTom Navigator 5 with a BT GPS receiver no problem. Well, almost no problem--the Treo can only handle one BT device at a time, so there are issues in our Acura TL with a HFL kit. Extensive discussion of TomTom and other BT GPS in the Bluetooth subforum.

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