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    My phone has been pretty rock solid for the past 4 or so months until recently. Yea, I'd get 2-3 resets a week caused by some program throwing a fatal exception... but now the phone resets 10 or more times a day. It always throws the same code:

    A rest was caused on
    *some date*
    while running "Phone"

    DartaMgr.c, Line:8709,
    DmWriteCheck failed

    It also only resets when the screen is off and I press the power button to turn it on. I'll press the power button, wait a few seconds, and then the phone restarts. It doesn't happen all the time though, but it happens more then 10 times a day.

    I haven't installed anything recently that I think could cause this error. I've ran DBScan and it says everything is ok. I've done a hard reset and it's still happening.

    Does anyone have any ideas?
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    anyone? Any ideas? I've hard re-set the phone and it still causes the error without any syncing to my computer or any 3rd party apps.
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    Try a zero-out reset...

    hold hotsync button and power button while resetting...
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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowmite
    Try a zero-out reset...

    hold hotsync button and power button while resetting...
    Can't... lost my OEM cable on a business trip and I only have a cradle that doesn't have a hotsync button on it. Maybe I'll try visiting a Cingular store tomorrow and ask if I can use a cable of theirs.
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    Same problem after 3 or 4 month on 2 different Tre650. Return machine to repair without success !!
    No way. Hard reset, soft reset, zero reset. Always same problem : reboot without any software installed. Can't work with my Treo650. Totally desperate...
    I thing this is due to a overheating or something like this and a circuit is broken.

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    I had the same problem due to ... the SIM tray!!!
    Try putting a thin paper on the SIM back... it solved all my reset problem.
    Hope this helps
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    We have you now. You will most likely need to replace your Treo. Most datamgr.c errors that recur like you state are indicative of damaged RAM.

    I'm on Sprint, so it definitely was NOT a SIM issue for me.
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