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    i can finally send mms messages but i cant recieve them. i have tried everything. i even sat on the phone with the cingular pda person for an hour and she just gave me a number to get a new phone. sucks!!!

    my info
    treo 650 cingular
    treo alarm
    verichat (always on)

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    im having the same problem
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    just got off the phone with cingular and they seem to think it is an equipment issue. they want to send me a new unit.

    what firmware are you running? what apps? can you send mms messages?
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    sorry, i forgot to mention that i spoke with 3 different people in the data department and they all said it was equipment related. im not so convinced but.... i guess i can give it a try.
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    I have the same problem. I have an unlocked GSM in Europe (Sweden).
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    I've more than triple checked the settings for MMS on my operator's web site.
    It says:

    MMS Gateway Address:
    MMSC Port Number: 9201
    Network Profile: Custom

    These are the settings for the Treo 600, and they haven't updated the site with the settings for the 650. Everything is the same except that I can't find anywhere to enter the MMSC Port Number.
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    ill let you know what happens when i get a new unit. im not sure if that is the solution but the cingular tech department says it is.

    what other apps are you running? what firmware? can you "send" mms messages? have you tried sending one to your self?

    btw, im not sure of your musical interests but a friend of mine is really into this band from sweden called in flames, ever heard of them?

    good luck with your phone.
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    I've got firmware 1.28 and software 1.13 which are the latest version. I'm not running any apps that I think could interfere... I use Versamail and Blazer that came with the Treo. The only other communications app I've downloaded is SMS Scheduler.

    And yes, I can send MMS messages fine, no problem at all.

    And of course I know of In Flames, they're really good! But my hard rock preferences are more "old school" like Black Sabbath, Ozzy, Alice Cooper, Judas Priest etc

    By the way, did you find anywhere on Treo where you can enter the "MMSC Port Number"???
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    no to the mmsc port. in the network settings portion of the messaging prefs are the following
    message center #
    email center #
    mms gateway address
    mms url

    i actually went thru those twice last night with cingular tech.

    in regards to in flames.... im not a fan either but a do hear a lot of them from my obsessed friend. haha.

    how is everything with your treo? no resets? freezing? other issues? mine was great for the first few months then slowly started to act up. i could be my fault... ive tried many 3rd party apps. i usually delete them rather quickly but i am at falut for not always reading up on each one before i try it.

    hopefully this issue will be resolved soon.
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    It's been working fine since I got in March. It went into an infinite loop the first time I tried to install Java, but that's it. Oh, if I'm making a call and get an incoming call at the same time it freezes... Can't answer or cancel the incoming call, just have to wait until it stops ringing and then do a soft reset...
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    I am having the same problem. I have called customer support several times ( Which Is A Joke) Finally after about an hour on the phone this last time the lady told me that there is a current issue with MMS. I basically figured that this was her way of telling me that she has done all her little manual has told her to do and that this was an easy way to get me off the phone. I however mentioned to her that my wife was able to receive mms (she has a MOTO) and she told me it was an issue with the tre 650 only and that i should call back in about 3 days if it still doesnt work.

    I was wondering which SIM card you have ? The Axalto sim or the GEm plus sim?
    I have the Gem Plus and was wondering if this may be the cause of not receiving MMS?
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    i have the axalto card and my fiance (as of today) has motorola razr and she has a gem plus card. she can send and recieve mms messages. hmmm...

    ive even tried putting her card in my treo and seeing if that would work.... no go.....

    this sucks...

    i think i am going to put my sim in her razr and see if it works.... duh!!!
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    still no go... anyone?
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    I can put my Sim in my old phone (Moto) and can Send/Receive MMS fine. Is anyone able to Receive MMS?
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    I developed a problem receiving MMS. What fixed it was deleting the cache both on the TREO (using FileZ) and in my hotsynch file. I figured that I had a corrupted file in my sent items. Whatever the problem was, that fixed it.
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    I Spent 2 Hours at the Local Cingular Store today and I still can't Recieve MMS Messages. They gave me a new sim and also tried my sim in another Treo650 and still no go.
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    Can anyone with a treo650 on Cingular Network Receive MMS?
    Also could this be a palm messenger problem and if so is there an alternative to Palms Message program?
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    I have the same problem sending and receiving mms. I am interested in any fix. I have tried Cingular but no luck.
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    NewsFlash I talked to a guy in Data Support today and he said that the Treo650 MMS Software is not compatible with Cingular's network!!!
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    I thought I'd chime in too. I can no longer receive MMS messages from my treo650. I am able to send them though. I was able to send and receive them prior to applying the 1.15 update. I don't see how they can say its not compatible with cingular's network since it worked fine before!!! Can someone who has not applied the 1.15 update see if they can receive??
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