My earpiece has been shutting off recently. I try to answer a call and in less than 1 second, I can not hear the caller & they can not hear me. Next, I have the same problem when trying to make calls, phone rings and connects - but no sound on either end.

I do a hard reset and the problem is solved. I have experimented somewhat, and I feel that this must be a software compatibility issue or conflict. I thought it might be connected to either Butler or VolumeCare ( I have the latest versions of these installed) especially, since I added VolumeCare about 5 days ago. But, when I restore from my backup on the card without Butler or VolumeCare - same problem. I replaced my first Treo 650 about a month ago with this same earpiece issue.

If I use the phone without any third party software, I would not have any problems - but as most of you know, that would be pretty boring. I have tried to search this forum - but have not found any plausible solutions. I am convinced that this is not a hardware issue. Any ideas or suggestions?