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    Please clarify.

    I travel frequently between Trinidad and the US. My Trinidad SIM is used for business and roams fine while in the US so I can receive business calls, at least while that SIM is installed. However, I usually swap in my prepaid T-Mo SIM for use while in the US. This means that I miss calls to my Trinidad SIM number.

    With the 8th gen dual card, is it possible to have both numbers activated simulataneously for receiving calls while I select either number for outgoing calls?


    The question was asked on the thread listed on HowardForums but the answer was a theoretical "Yes". However, I would appreciate your real-world experience.
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    Just ordered my 8th Gen card from the same place .. I'll let you know how I get on.

    One thing - I've looked at my SIM services menu - there is nothing about switching SIMS .. so I presume this will added once I have installed the duel SIM card .... right??
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    i use the 8th gen card (purchased from brando above)

    works fine

    i have a cingular branded, but unlocked treo 650.

    inside, i have a cingular and t-mobile sim cards. arizona location.

    you won't be able to see the sim services menu until you have the new card in.

    only one number of course will be answerable at a time. when the other number is active, its as if the other number is off. i periodically change my call forwarding, so that i will always receive the call live.

    i have also used singapore m1 and singtel with no problems.

    sometimes you have to be careful about data, since i only have unlimited data on one of my lines.
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    Folks, with your help, I saved many hours. Now my turn to return the favor by spending some time sharing my view of the "Dual Card 8th Era" below.

    It works as advertise. Few quarks, but works. If you are in low signal zone (for the currently selected SIM), switching by pulling out the other SIM will be faster.

    Confusing installation instruction, but fairly easy to figure out if you think about it rather then merely follow their written instruction.

    1. Cut the two SIMs

    2. Put it in the dual-SIM tray. It is not obvious that the tray is in a protective metal jacket. The protective metal jacket looks just like the one in the other bag (for actual installation) except the edge is too wide use. You remove the jacket by sliding the circuit board out. Put the cut SIM in, and slide the other jacket (with thinner edge) over the two SIMs to hold them in place. Easiest to put in the second SIM after the circuit board is slide in part way to hold the first one in place.

    3. Now put the composite SIM in your machine and power up the phone.

    4. It is not obvious that you should go to SIM Service to do the switching. I kept turning the phone on and off thinking that is what kick the menu on. Particularly since SIM service is not available until network selection and then another 1/2 to one minute later. I just saw Jonnytk36 said the same a few notes ago - which I read but did not remember. It took me forever to rediscover that too.

    5. After a minute or two, the SIM Service finally can run. Now you can select SIM1, SIM2, or Set. Set takes you to a menu where you can set auto-switch time to auto-switch between the two SIMs, or enter a phone number to display on the SIM selection menu for each SIM.

    Switch between SIMs
    1. You go to SIM Service under main menu (not phone, but Treo's main menu)

    2. Unless you put a number in using the third choice (Set), you are shown a menu saying Auto, SIM1, SIM2, and Set. (Or "0726, 1885, and Set" for me. I use the last 4 digits of my Cingular and T-Mobile.) Note you can't use text and an asterisk prefix is on the current selection.

    3. If you put in a number using the "Set" menu choice, it uses that number for that slot - not that SIM. If you switch the two SIM's position, the label will not follow the SIM. You will be very confused.

    4. Your current selection has an asterisk, you just touch the other one with your stylus and a couple of seconds later, you should hear the regular phone-off sound immediately follow by the phone-on sound. At that point it is doing network scanning.

    5. If you have weak signal, or if your data connection is on (green two way arrow), it may take a while for the phone-on/phone-off sound. Or it may even go to wonderland where battery removal is the best bet. After reboot, it might have switched, or not. If not, you turn phone on and wait a couple of minutes and try again.

    6. After switching the SIM, you have to wait until it finish "Network Selection" and another 1/2 minute or so before the phone's current SIM info are updated. For example, in phone info, you see your phone number blank and see the "from-SIM" phone book data for that duration. After selected network and another minute or so, you finally see the phone book for the "to-SIM". At that point, SIM service can run again to switch back. So you cannot switch between the two rapidly.

    7. Green data arrow on (data session active) almost always cause it to ignore SIM switching. Weak signal sometime successfully logoff (phone-off sound) but sometimes not - so it goes to wonderland, usually, after a soft reset, you are on the other network you switched to, or you can try again a couple of minutes later when SIM service is available again.


    It certainly works, but it is not a faster way to switch between the two SIMs particularly when currently-selected SIM signal is bad. It doesn't seem to successfully logoff current network sometimes (about 1 in 4). There are also some quarks in this situation. You may be switched halfway. (The carrier ID is some invalid character or you are shown full bars with SOS only). Phone-off + phone-on fix that.

    I dropped my SIM under the car seat once. This certainly avoids that. If I am patient, and if I terminate data session with a phone-on phone-off first, it works very well. But that slows.

    Side benefit - The "network select hack" tool works a lot better. It seems to pick up the network name from the other SIM. I have T-Mobile and Cingular SIM in the phone. It shows me T-Mobile and Cingular in "select network" even when I am on the Cingular SIM.

    Would I do it again?
    No. At home I have good T-Mobile but only rare reflected signal for Cingular. Switch from T-Mobile to Cingular works well. Switching from Cingular to T-Mobile is difficult. I hit the wonderland about 1 in 4 times. Reverse is true when I am in the office. So, if I forgot to switch to T-Mobile while there is still some Cingular signal, switching is troublesome. Physically pulling the SIM out and switch is rock solid and sure thing. This may involve a side trip to wonderland before you switch successfully.

    Do I regret, only 1 in 4 times when I went into wonderland. But, I don't worry about dropping my SIM under the seat anymore -- and if I do on off first, it works well. Just slow.

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    Well done Rick, this is a very good post I'm still hesitating and your feedback is very intersting !
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    Has anybody tried the "10th era" on a treo 650?
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    Based on the pics, it doesn't look like the Treo's SIM tray design will accommodate the "10th era".
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    anyone know if the 8th gen or above accepts incoming SMS messages from both lines? I have read that you can configure your phone via a SIM service on the adapter that switches between phone lines at a predetermined interval, to accept SMS messages from the inactive line.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rawson819
    Obviously they don't have the Treo, but Nextel offers 2-lines on one SIM. Many who I work with have activated a 2nd (personal) line on their company phone, which is then direct-billed to them.
    Nextel phones do not have SIM cards.
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    Nextel phones do indeed have SIM cards, at least the newer ones. You can even pull out the SIM card and place it in a GSM phone for roaming, like in Europe.

    You cannot however, put a GSM SIM in a Nextel phone and have it work. iden I believe is based on the GSM standard... which is really advanced TDMA.

    I have seen the SIMs in the phones, the rest of the info comes from someone at Qualcomm... I guess they know a thing or two about non-CDMA technology.
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    Nextel phones do indeed have SIM cards and can be used with some GSM phones while traveling abroad,the phone will not work for making calls while in the US.I have personally done this in the past with a v60,a v505 and just ordered a v180 from Sprint/Nextel.I am debating the i930 ,as I would be able to use it here and while traveling,but the jury is still out on that one.

    You have to have their worldwide service activated on your account.Most recently I did this over the summer while in Vietnam,and I think the rate was about $4 USD per minute-I'd have to take a look back at the bill.

    I am intrigued by the idea of using with 2 sim cards,would be easier to switch btwn T-mo and Cingular that way,but wary of the possible risks involved.
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    "...8th gen or above accepts incoming SMS messages from both lines? "

    For the 8th gen I use, only one SIM is active at a time. The inactive SIM - it is as if the inactive one is in your pocket instead of in the phone. The phone will get the SMS/Voice Mail notification/etc for the active SIM. Until you switch to the other SIM, you don't get anything for the other SIM.

    One thing I left out in my "review" there. Didn't notice it then: the metal jacket that holds the combo-sim is stiff and inflexible. It is fine for the Treo since you don't need to bend the SIM to put it in. When I try to slide the combo sim into a Motorola V188, the moto expects the sim to bend a little as you slide the sim into the clip - the 8th ERA combo holder cannot do it. The combo sim does not flex/bend at all.
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    Ok let me tell everybody something.

    If you have the new O type sim card from Cingular. Do not get the 8th generation.
    It does not work with it. I went to cingualr today to get a new sim card because I have the sim card cutter now and i wanted a more perfet cut. I could not get it to work. I dont know what the O stands for i saw but i didnt write it down.

    Just telling yall
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    Interesting... "O" for odd perhaps.

    I gave up on the Dual Sim so I can have both phone active. Now I can talk on one SIM and do BT on the other SIM.

    For those who doesn't have Dual Sim, the Dual-Sim kit come with two "back to normal" sim holder - a plastic SIM with a hole to put the cut SIM. I just had to taped the cut SIM into the included SIM holder.
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    I'm bumming. I have now tried a 6th gen and 10th gen sual SIM card and I cannot get the thing to work at all. Both of the SIMs work fine individually (using the included single-tray holder) and I have hard resetted, soft reset, etc. to no avail. I just get an error message to "check SIM card".

    Any thoughts? I don't need both active at the same time - I just want to be able to power up the phone and pick the SIM I want to use. And yes, I'm that lazy...

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