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    Hello all,

    I've been having lots ofproblems getting email (via BOTH versamail and snappermail) from Gmail today. It had been working fine and began acting flakey today.

    It seemed like most of my auto-syncs were working in the background, however none of my direct attempts to get messages were working.

    Versamail complained of "timeout reading response" and snappermail indicated "socket closed by peer. Failed to authorize to POP server."

    I tried doing a direct ping from my Treo650 to and I got some timeouts and some "illegal responses". I also got some successfull pings with timeouts of ~350ms.

    I'm new with the phone, but it certainly looks like some sort of connectivity issue between the Sprint net and Google net. I also have another POP email aco**** and have had no problems checking it. Web browsing and IM are working fine, so the phone can talk to the net fine.

    Anyone else been noticing this? Anyone have any idea what is going on?

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    You're not the first:

    I've noticed the same thing as well, it started about 2 weeks ago for me.

    We can't possibly be the only people experiencing this. FYI, I just had my Treo 650 replaced yesterday too due to the speaker jack issue and I still have this problem.
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    Me too. I've been having issues with gmail and snappermail/versamail. I just downloaded Chatter and set gmail to forward to my fastmail IMAP acct. Works very well. I have found the latest version of Chatter to be very stable (stability is very important to me).

    I just got sick of gmail freezing when I would check my mail using snapper/versamail on my Sprint 650.
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    Must be a T650 issue...T600 still takes a licking...

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