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    Lately, I have had every hotsync freeze at the end on memos, and I have ZERO new memos on my palm. I have had to do a soft re-boot on the handheld, and a manual cancel (CNTL-ALT-DEL) on the desktop to unfreeze the process; cancel does not work.

    I tried Palm tech support, but right after she suggested I do a hard reset (which I am VERY reluctant to do without knowing if my hotsyncs have successfully completed), we got disconected. Has anyone else seen this problem? Any thoughts?

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    Have not seen the problem, but what if you changed the Hot Sync parameters in Hot Sync Manager on the PC to "Desktop Overwrites Palm" for just Memos (since you have no new ones) and see if you get thru the Hot Sync in this way. If you do, change the setting back to sync for Memos and give it another try to see if this routine cured the problem.

    From the for what it's worth department.
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    The only time I had this happen to me I had some odd control characters in a memo. My guess is that if you browse through your memo records on the PC and the Treo you might find the one record that is causing you trouble. Simply delete or edit that record and resync. Depending on where that suspect record is you might be able to do the Desktop overwrites Handheld or the reverse option.
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    hmmmm. . . .

    So I finaly settled on setting memos to "Do Nothing" and now it freezes on "Tasks"! WTF?
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    You probably have some corrupted files in your PIM data.

    Search here for "DB scan" and follow the direction in the thread about it. I'd post a link but I'm posting from my Treo.
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