Hello All,

I support numerous Macs in the Greater Providence, RI area. Most of my clients use Now Up to Date & Now contact as their calendar and contact management applications.

It's cross platform,server based..easily shared.

Lat night I purchased a 650 from Verizon, since then I've experienced several issues and much lost time.

Hot Sync croaked after 1st sync and required fresh install, as well as a hard reset on the Treo.

In order to successfully sync with the desktop (via cradle) I've disabled the following wireless sync items: address book, to Do list, contacts etc. Leaving only the email portions enabled.

I'd turn the wireless (web sync items) back on, but I fear I'll lose another 3 hours of my day.

However, NUTD now syncs with the Treo, and my mail isn't an issue.

Alan Roseman
Network Lic # 2669