Hello, I have been scouring the internet and sites like this one for the answer to this question: "Can palm desktop 4.1.4 (or 4.1.2) be used with the treo600?" I posted this question at the end of an old thread, but I'm not sure if anyone saw it.

Specifically I have a Tungsten E and desktop 4.1.2 on a Windows XP computer but I would like to upgrade to a Treo 600 with VerizonWireless.

I've read many places that the desktop 4.1.4 and Treo 600 are NOT compatible, however, in June of 2004, joele and scouter075 said that they are compatible. I've spent hours trying to get them to work using all combinations of installing, uninstalling, removing from the system by restoring Windows to an earlier date, putting the Treo software on then the palm 4.1.4 software on, not putting the Treo software on at all, moving things out of different folders. At this point, I have desktop 4.1.2 on, the Treo software is NOT in the WindowsXP computer, and I am wondering if anyone could advise me on how to proceed.

Joele had previously said: "I had to uninstall the Treo version of the Palm Desktop, use the usb driver removal tool from the palm website and then install version 4.1.4 and it works fine"

What is the "usb driver removal tool", and how is it used? Should I even need it as my system does not have the Treo software installed (because I uninstalled it)? I did try to use my Treo 600 using my existing software (4.1.2) but without installing the Treo software, and that didn't work either.

Thank you very much in advance for all your help.

And to add my contribution, kschoenberg asked in 6/04, "what is the advantage of 4.1.4?" and the answer is (for 4.1.2 and 4.1.4) among other things, you have the ability to give different events category names that are color-coded. I have my husband's work schedule in Red and my work schedule in blue. We work off of different user profiles (actually on different computers, but it would work the same on the same computer). When I want to tell him what my work schedule, I just beam him the category "adelaide work" and he gets my schedule without extraneous things he doesn't need to know like "buy husband a present".

Thanks again for your help.