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    I purchased a Treo 650 with Cingular about 2 months ago and have been very very disappointed with the voice quality (hard to hear, bad reception, etc..), not to mention a number of issues with data activity. Could you all please comment on which carrier (I would realistically consider Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, or others that are good but I am not aware of) is the best for the following areas (I am in South Florida if the answers vary based on the regions you use the phone in):

    -just voice
    -just data
    -voice and data combined

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    I've been to Florida before and Sprint gets excellent reception (at least on the interstate and the Destin area). They're also dirt cheap (voice & data; data is only $10/mo after you ask them to take off the $5/mo they credit you for ringtones, games, and the like).
    Check 'em out and if you like 'em, you're set. If you don't like 'em, try Verizon. If you don't like them, try T-Mobile.
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    The volume issue is a 650 problem - unrelated to the carrier. Do a search for "VolumeCare". This excellent software has resolved the volume issue for many.
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    Sprint coverage is good all over south florida and the rates are cheap. T-Mo has terrible coverage here. Verizon is good, but expensive.
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    Sprint is definitely the way to go down here.
    I'm back!
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    I live in northern Florida and do alot of traveling to southern and western parts of the state.. No problem using Sprint.. Plus you get the option of insurance and Sprint gets the updates before any other carrier.. Go with Sprint....
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    <p>I've had Sprint in SoFla for almost 5 years, I get great coverage. </p>

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