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    not tried this yet as my PC does not have a serial connection, but it claims to fix the synchronisation problems with the 650
    I have tried to connect using adaptors on the printer output but of course my modem does not recognise that port, will update when I get a laptop to connect
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    done the upgrade, and apart from the GPS now displaying the number of statellites I see no diference. The GSM ROW unlocked Treo will still not sync for more than 20 seconds before disconnecting, which Parrot tell me is a Palm issue and is on the bench being fixed (not holding my breath then). The Tomtom navigator 5 bluetooth will still not work with this device either, so still awaiting an upgrade from Tomtom on that one too! Tomtom have just released an upgrade for PPC today so there is hope!
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    Hi Scudder, I'm using the Parrot 3100, 410d with my Cingular 650 and it works OK. It does not tolerate extra digits to be dialed like those you would use for voicemail etc. I looked over the release notes but can't find any related to 4.11. Where did you get your information about what 4.11 does?

    Thanks, -Howard
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    Hi Howard
    Pedro, who answers a lot of the queries on the parrot forum informed me that 4.11 would solve the GSM unlocked problems of synchronising with the Treo, but so far all it has fixed is the GPS sync, I cannot get the phone/handsfree to unterupt the GPS signal. I know that Treo only supports one BT link at a time, but I hoped that Parrot could have worked round this and simply interrupted the GPS while there was a call. Treo does this itself on an incoming call, but Parrot will not pick up the handsfree call at all because it only sees a BT GPS connection with Treo. hope that is clear enough to follow.
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    Scudder, thanks, I check out the Parrot forum.

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