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    Quote Originally Posted by mblank
    What the world doesn't need more of is redirector-based email software.

    Marc, with all due respect. For some of us a redirector is the ONLY option we have to our corporate email behind a firewall.
    I would THINK this would apply to just about anyone working in a corporate environment where IT is not willing to support a mobile solution.
    I myself am curious. Should this one happen to be a better solution than the Cingular XPressmail solution, but I don't know if I have the time and patience to apply for this beta.
    I also know that Seven's mail is very secure as long as someone can't hack your password so I would want to know this new one is also secure.
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    My only point was that there are already lots of redirector based solutions; I wasn't implying that a redirector is a bad idea. Sorry.

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    Not trying to thread crap, but i dont understand what the competitive advantage of this product is. Can someone explain how this product is better than ExpressMail or Sprint business connection? thanks
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    I think the advantage is that it syncs with all the pim conduits. kind of like verizon wireless sync.
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    GoodGuy - those of us who were accepted ("us" meaning Treo Central users) could not divulge that...their has to be an NDA and giving out that info would clearly be a violation. Not trying to be a hard-head...but its true...
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    Gotchya, NetGuy...I completely understand
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    I went through the process of signing up last week, but no response yet.
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    Hey GoodGuy are you an employee of Good?
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    Quote Originally Posted by NetGuyR
    Hey GoodGuy are you an employee of Good?
    Yes, however I do not post anything "official" from Good. To quote the first post I ever made in the GoodLink thread:

    "I have received several questions and comments regarding GoodLink. Being that the majority of the threads are not GoodLink related where these questions come up, I wanted to start a thread where folks could ask to their hearts content. A couple of things:

    This is NOT an official response from Good Technology nor is it officially sanctioned by Good. I work at Good and know GoodLink features and functionality of the product, but I am doing this on my own accord.

    This is NOT meant to be a an area to receive official technical support for existing GoodLink or GoodAccess installations. Support is included in the subscription and can be accessed at 1-866-7-BE-GOOD.

    I will be glad to answer questions regarding GoodLink, and to a certain extent GoodAccess, though I have very little information outside of what is available on as it relates to GoodAccess."
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    Hey all...on a very small and much less significant plane, you can get the first official release of NexChange Corporate Professional v.1 here:
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