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    As in this thread:

    I reset my device. I restored with Backupman without any issues (yet, knocky knock on wood).
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    I've done probably 7 or 8 full restores using Backupman on my Treo 650. Never had any problems.
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    Yeah, it's been working for a while since the NVFS update.... The only thing it does NOT restore fyi is the java plugin on your Treo, so be forwarned. However, you can always just keep a copy on the install files on the card for this...
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    It also doesn't restore images. Oops. :-)
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    The only backup utliity that backs up java and pictures is Botzam Backup I know because I use it all the time. It restores the large java file because it uses compression and pictures are defianatley restored.

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