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    Can anyone tell me if they are having problem with the 650 shutting on and off all the time. It is driving me crazy and it is a 700.00 phone.

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    Many, many threads. . . .

    What carrier?
    What firmware?
    More specifics. . .
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    The phone (radio) shutting off?

    The entire unit loosing power as in a hard reset?

    What are you doing when the unit shuts off? Are you in a specific program, PDA sid of phone side, or does it shut off when your not even touching it.

    Do you have reminders or alarms that sound occasionaly that could be corrupt?

    What allows it to come back on?

    Like Perry said we need some details.
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    Most problems are 3rd party software related, or corruption in 3rd party settings, or, if you installed your Treo 650 by just hot syncing to a prior device user id.

    All of these things can be cured by a "scrub" or clean install of the Treo.

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