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    b18/19 seems pretty fast and stable overall, great to have SD card support for saving RAM! I've had one issue with message flags, however:

    After installing b18 (and then 19) I did "reload" in console to remove all current messages, checked the box to store message on the SD card, then did a quicksync. All message reappeared (actually pretty fast, even though Marc said there might be a slow down!).

    But, the flags to the left were incorrect for many of them. I had several messages that were <30k and the entire message had clearly been syncd but the 2/3 envelope symbol (implying only partial download) was there. Similarly, I had several messages that were >30k which had a full envelope (implying the entire messag was downloaded) that clearly did NOT have the entire message syncd. For these messages, when I opened them it even said "30000 of xxxxx k loaded" making it clear that Chatter was aware that only part of the message was loaded.

    It appears the message flags (which worked fine in b17 before using the card option) are problematic on my 650 while using the card to load messages. Others having this?
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    Yes, this is a known problem. I should have a fix by the weekend.

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    wait, the new card support beta is out??!! downloading now!
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