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    I just got a new Sprint Treo 650 and am having some problems with people telling me at times that they can't hear me or the sound is garbled. I have used Sprint for several years and this is not something I experienced with my last Sanyo phone. The Sanyo dropped calls like crazy so I wonder if the Treo hangs on to the signal better but sometimes cuts out. Any ideas?
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    Several threads on this and the volume. (One person actually asked if they were the only one that thought the 650 was too loud.)

    Anyway, one solution is Volume Care. Several threads on it, as well. (Due to allergies, my ears are usually plugged, so this was a great piece of software for me.)

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Verify what version of the phone you are using. You may have gotten a phone that has not been upgraded yet. It should be TREO650 - 1.12 - SPCS (Phone > Menu > Options > Phone Info
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    Yes, I did the update to 1.12.

    I just installed volume care...hopefully that will help. Any suggestions for settings or does that vary from treo to treo?

    Thanks for the help.
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    Set Handset to middle volume, as you need more volume on a paticular call, use the rocker switch.

    For the mic, you will have to test that with your caller on a few back and forth calls, as you can not do that on the fly. . . but I would go with the least setting that works, I wouldn't go with a full volume setting!
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