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    New user Treo 650 GSM
    When I want to change application, if i push home button it will repete several times before turning over to the normal one...
    It is not very pleasant... Any body have the same problem ?
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    Isn't it just switching between categories?
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    No Igreenberg, when i switch between categories, It's fine.
    It's do it only, when I am in application and I push home button for launching an other one
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    You might want to explain what's going on a little clearer, I have no idea what you're talking about myself. Are you saying that pressing the Home button is *slow to return to the launcher* and you're pressing it several times thinking that helps, or it's doing something besides going to the Launcher?

    Maybe you have some third-party software interfering?
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    Thank you Khaytsus !
    Thank you for your perspicacity. You are in truth...
    I have make hard reset... And The treo work fine without third-party software.
    Now i must find which one make this problem ...

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