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    Ok, I feel like an *****. I live on NY and today was an extremely hot day... ~ 90 degrees, who knows what if u add the humidity. Well anyway I went to the park and I left my treo in the glove compartment inside its Treo Leather Side Pouch. Well when I came back to the car 3 hours later, the screen seemed messed up. When I tried to power on the screen it was REAL dark, i could barely see anything. I continued to try powering on the screen but it remained dark for about 3 minutes. Well after about 15 minutes of leaving the phone alone it seems to be completely back to normal. Everything else seems to work perfect again. My question is has anyone else had this happen to them? Does this have any bad long term effects on my digitizer?
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    That happened to me before with my Treo 600. Screen dark and the Treo VERY hot. I can't remember what I did to get it that way. Anyway, after it cooled down, it was fine, and didn't have any lasting effects.
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    phewwww, Thank God. My treo wasnt even that hot when I got to it. But im sure it was pretty hot in that glove compartment in the peak of the day
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    I believe that if the treo is a certain temperature, it will not turn the screen on to full brightness to prevent further overheating.
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    when the LCD is hot.. it will become very dark.. that's my past experience
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    Ya same here...last night I scared myself when I went to use my 650. I can't tell how hot the Treo is right off because it is insulated by my case. After blinking at me a few times, I removed the case and had one hot potato in my hand...I found out my wife had been talking on it for 3 hours straight and then plugged it in for a recharge...I placed it on the Air conditioner (not swamp cooler) and it worked fine a few minutes later.
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    I live in Phoenix and it happens every once and a while. I freaked out the other day when it happened randomly at the office. I had been on an hour long phone call and the phone was hot which prevented the screen from going to the full brightness. 10 minutes later it cooled down a little and it was back.
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    It's in the nature of LCD screens to darken when they heat up, Treo, calculator, pager or otherwise.
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    Same thing happened to me. I waited for the Treo to cool down, reset it and it worked fine afterwards.
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    This used to happen to my Sony Clie all the time. Cools down, works fine. I still have it and even occassionaly charge it for kicks.
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    ok great to hear! thanks guys
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    Try not to do this too often, though. I have read that repeated exposure to extreme heat can gradually lower the maximum contrast of an LCD and, eventually, lead to failure.
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    every phone or lcd screen does this. pagers, everything. lcd screens are very sensitive to heat. after all, it is LIQUID CRYSTAL display.

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