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    I just received my TomTom software today, but I am having 3 issues...

    1- I am getting the "database 4019" error that seems to have been brought up before. I deleted both NAVIGATOR files in the exchange/to folder and still get the same error.

    2- I can't install any maps on my device. Either I am doing it wrong or something is wrong with my PC. When I install the maps CD (any of them), I get an error saying that "setup cannot be run because there is not enough free space in your temporary folder." I have never heard of such an error before, I tried to clean up my temp files but that didn't do any good either. So now I have this expensive program and can't use it! I'm dying here.

    3- I also am getting the setup screens every time I start the app, akthough it might be due to one of the previous two issues I posted. Not a big deal to me...

    Please, I hope someone can help, because I am TOTALLY lost!
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    I can respond to 1 & 3 but maybe not 2.
    1. I was getting the 4019 error and found an old thread (see this) that suggested deleting any files that are in your palm user ID folder under subfolder exchange/to. They provided a quote saying that any files in that folder were just misplaced and could be deleted. I did so and it worked.
    3. I continued to get the set up screens until I was able to install and select a map. Once that was done, the set up screens went away.
    2. I had difficulty installing maps as well. For me, it seems to be a problem with the CDs. I finally found that CD8 would initiate setup and install any maps that it contained. I'm lucky that the California maps are on CD8. I was not able to get the map setup program to work from CD1 or 2 and I could not install any maps from those CDs either. I've tried two CD drives with no success on either.
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    Wow that was fast...haha I will try both and get back 2 u....thanks a lot!!!
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    The setup didn't work on any of my CD's...however I did find the maps folder when I explore the CD's. How can I just drag and drop them to my SD card? And where on the card do I put them? I installed MAINE.CAB and MAINE.INI to my tomtom folder on my card, but NAVIGATOR isn't recognizing them. I can't believe this program is being so difficult
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    The maps need to be in a folder called 'Tom Tom xxxxxxx Map' (mine are in 'Tom Tom Great_Britain Map').
    I haven't tried it but maybe you could use softstick's card export to transfer the files - makes the treo act as an external usb device.
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    PS the cab & ini files are for running on windows pc's only. need to expand them to get at the contents.
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    I have tried expanding the New York map folder, named it "Tom Tom New_York Map" and tried placing it in the TomTom folder on my card and on the main directory of the card, and NAVIGATOR still doesn't recognize any maps. I wish I could get setup to work at least once so I could see it done right. Where exactly does this folder need to be? All I have to do is unzip the ZIP file on the CD right?
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    Guess I'm lucky. 6 of my CDs will initiate setup. I still can't get to the maps on CD1 and CD2 but many of the areas I need are on the other CDs. I've tried both hotsync and expanding them directly to an SD card. The latter is quicker. When expanded to the card, they go into directories with just the map name (such as "Arizona-Map). The TomTom preface only seems to be on the hotsync'd directories. All of the maps I've transferred show up in the manage maps list. The bulk of the data goes into many different files that have a .dat extension. There is also one .mid and one .pna file in each directory (occasionally a Hope that helps some...
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    I just spke with TomTom customer service, they told me two things:

    1-The setup not initializing is a correctable problem. Go to Start,Run, %temp%, and delete the entire folder. I can't verify this yet, I will see after work tonight.

    2- With Navigator 5 you cannot transfer maps over manually from the CD, because of "an interpretation and migration during the hotsync progress."

    I hope it works, but I'm kinda bummed thats there's no way to do it manually. If the "temp" trick doesn't allow me to run the setup I will have to wait until tomorrow night to try something else. Anyone reading this cross your fingers for me!
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    Not quite sure what temp folder you are supposed to delete. Did they say what subdirectory it is in? I'll be surprised if this will fix the problems I am having with getting maps of CD1 & CD2. Inserting the CD spins up the drive and it stays busy so you can't even explore it's contents. Then again, if it has something to do with autorun then I guess it might. Good luck this evening....
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    Wow, it worked! All CD's now run SETUP perfectly...when you enter "%temp%" it automatically brings up your temp folder, no matter where it is (Windows XP of course), and I just deleted all of the files named "setup" and that was it. I'm DLing a map to my device now, from CD1 I might add, thank you ALL for your help!!

    I hope this works for you too JRF, but make note- I have edited my last post, type in "%temp% " directly at the run page, I wrote another step in between that was false.
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    Didn't work for me. TomTom is going to send replacement CDs.

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