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    I own a Seidio retractable 2 in1 headset for Treo 650. I like it. but one compliant is that the sound quality is only fair. Can not compare it with my Ipod. I am considering Seidio high end 2 in1 retractable headset. Any feedbacks on how good the sound quality ? Is it at Ipod level or close to it ?
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    I'm pretty curious about all Seidio 2-in-1 options as well. How reliable is the retractable design. Some retractable power cords got too hot when I used them constantly...but I don't think these retractable headsets should suffer from that same degree of pain. What about just the standard adapters?? Does anybody have any complaints about the adapters? I might just get that as I can use it with any earbuds/headphones I want.

    'Preciate the comments.
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    Here are the links to several threads on this issue:

    There's really not much out there on this. I have the high end 2 and 1. They work fine for me (once they were replaced). I'm not very picky (or so I've been told). The hybrid function is what I am primarily interested in. Seidio appears to monitor this board and take care of complaints quickly, although there are a lot of complaints on quality. I have retractable charger/syncher as well. It works fine. You just have to be a little careful with the retracting aspect of it - its not a fire hose. The synch saved me when my Palm cradle has gone on the fritz a few times, so I am satisfied with the quality of this little item.

    I'm interested to hear what folks say about the boxwave too - I haven't seen that unit.

    Seidio makes a retractable adapter that you can plug any headset into - and use it to answer calls. This seems like a decent option for folks with greater sound quality needs.
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    I kinda broke down and bought their high-end 2-in-1 headset -- after looking and looking, the sad truth started settling on me that there simply isn't another quite like this, with virtually everything I want (except the quality concerns I've had -- see my other posts). I really need a headset so that I can talk and jolt down things on the Treo. And if I have a headset, it's conceptually retarded to have another headset just for music. And I have a philosophical problem with that arrangement.

    So far (~one week) I'm pleasantly surprised (gladly eating my earlier words). Audio quality is quite good (I'm a casual listener). Little things (the whole thing is a little thing damnit) are obviously improved: the plug into the Treo stays, the retracting reel works better, even the logo is no longer a piece of paper with removable glue.

    I ordered the over-the-ear add-on, but it seems quite unnecessary. The ear-plugs stay easily, with the clamp/clip taking up the weight.

    I'll give it a couple of months and see.

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