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    Someone told me that apps can only be installed to the internal mememory ... is this true? If it is, I may have to stick to my old nokia 9300 after all.
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    Definitely not true. You can install many apps on an expansion card (SD). I picked up a 512mb one for about 74. I store all of my pictures, new apps, app that came installed, etc on it. They all work fine. You will need a program like zlauncher to move them around. That will set you back 19.95. (I think). Trecentral has it and you can look up the price there.
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    Well the guy who used treo 650 (he sells them) told me that when he installed appz to a sd card the phone kept acting crazy .... rebooting itself, and such. So he put all the appz to the phones internal memory and the errors disapeared. He also mentioned that the appz should be designed to be installed into the sd card in the 1st place. Otherwise no can do.
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    Wow. My 650 w/1.28-1.30 FW and most all my apps on SD run great. I use PowerRun to move them back and forth, which for me is such a great program I put it in my custom ROM.

    There are some apps that just will not run well on SD, but most do just fine for me.

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    How about multitasking? Will i drop out of irc as soon as I switch to other app?
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    Docs to Go files can only be moved to the SD card via their tool, otherwise, things get flaky. Using the tool, saves you up to 4mb of internal memory:

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Perry, Perry, Perry... The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    I use Linkstart lite to run aps from the card in my 650 and it works great. It's fast, stable, and free.

    I run "Flight Status,' "Directory Assistance," and "FileZ" among others from the card with o problems.

    One downside - In the time I've used it, I have e-mail the developer 2-3 times with questions. He has never responded.

    Good luck
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    Quote Originally Posted by Insertion
    Perry, Perry, Perry...

    Shameless promotion of a thread. . . . You'd think I was getting paid per hit. . . .

    Anyway, I get that endorphin rush when someones says "Wow, that was neat!"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jupex
    How about multitasking? Will i drop out of irc as soon as I switch to other app?
    If the IRC program is designed to run in the background, you won't drop out, there isn't true multitasking on palm OS yet, only background processes
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    Apps can be installed on the card, but they will be moved to ram to execute fyi. Alot of users here prefer to use variosu mem manager apps like zlauncher, powerrun etc that lets you better organize apps on the card via shortcuts in ram. I highly recommed it...
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    Sounds bit complicated to me... I still may want to stick with nokia since their user memory is way bigger and it certainly can do some serious multitasking.
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    I take it you dont even have a Treo yet?!?
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    Well ... I was going to swap my nokia 9300 straight to Treo 650, but the multitasking and memory issue are a big deal to me.
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    yeah, this removable memory issue in the treo is kind of lame. it's the palmsource bums again who wouldn't spend the effort to figure out a way to better support apps that are installed in the removable memory.

    but that shouldn't stop you. with the help of a 3rd party program, apps on removable memory can run on your treo just fine.

    nokia 9300 is a sleek phone, but the symbian is even more limited than the palm.

    palm has a great array of applications for everything you could think of. and thanks to the popularity of the treo, you could find help and support from so many people across so many discussion boards.

    i guess it comes down to this, if you're a POWER user who likes to customize and use lots of apps, get a treo. But if you're just a user who needs to access some docs now and then and show off with a uniquely good looking phone, keep the nokia. it's a nice phone nonetheless.
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