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    i use text messaging too much.. on my treo 650 and blackberry... i was wonderng if anybody know of an program/software/application where you can type your sms on your pc and send it thru the treo or blackberry while it connected via cable, somehing similar to the nokia pc suite (lets you compose an sms on the pc and sends it thru the phone when connected via a cable).. make sense?.. i hope... i've been looking and searching with no luck
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    I live in Sweden and my mobile operator has that service. It's a program called "SMS from your computer" which I downloaded from their website. It adds a button in Outlook "New SMS". You don't have to have your mobile/smartphone connected to your computer as you register your number when you download it.

    Check with your operator if they have it.
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    Wisdom sheds light on the knowledge you have accumulated

    Palm Pre (Sprint)
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    yeah i go quite overboard at times, i use 3500 + a month (and no cingular doesnt have unlimited text) but what i do, which is kinda annoying...but...using blazer create a favorite of each major carriers cell site that says "send a text message" type in the number and message and there u sms

    dont think thats what u were looking for...but o well
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    Using Sprint, from any email program (phone #) Comes across as a text message.
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    You can also use TapSmart's Keylink. When active, it lets you use your mouse and keyboard to control any palm device. Worked great with my T3, haven't used it with my Treo as much, but it works.
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