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    If you must keep your hotsync ID, then rename your current backup by using the Palm Desktop-> tools-> Users-> Rename option. This will only work if you are using Palm desktop. If you use Outlook, then rename the palmone folder and reinstall the PalmOne software. This way you can recreate the same ID. Regarding your registration keys, the back up folder should contain the license files. I recorded all my registration keys in memo pad and just enter them manually.


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    Couldn't that generally be fixed by just doing a backup of the Saved Preferences file and restoring it after everything?
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    You guys keep talking about Volume Care, but I don't have that. The common denominator I've seen with my battery drains has been that ALL of mine have happened when my SD card was in the slot - & when I took it out of the slot & put in the dummy SD card I had no battery drains. This makes me think it's not a software issue?

    In any case, last night I made sure the contents of my SD card were backed up on my desktop, then I reformatted the SD card in my Treo. Then I did put all my files back on my SD card. I'm curious to see if I continue to have battery drains. If I do, my next step will be to reformat again & put the empty SD card back in my Treo to see what happens.

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