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    my treo is acting wierd

    it turns back on after I hang it up

    not *every* time - but about 2/3s of the time

    especially if its an outgoing call (seems like)

    some symptoms - when i hang up, the green light stays solid for a few seconds, then goes out. then, i hit the red "hang up" button to shut the screen off - it goes off, but then comes back!

    also - i'm noticing that its unable to get to the sprintPCS vision network - i'll see the green arrows, but it'll just sit and wait on "connecting..." until i cancel out of it - i can finally get back on but i have to pull the battery out and put it back in

    my wife's t650 is also acting wierd - we call eachother and i'll hear my ph dialing hers - three times, then voicemail

    she said that happened to her dialing me earlier this week

    i'm just wondering - what's going on??

    she's got the latest patch - i'm at the middle one (1.08?)

    any help would be appreciated, thx
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    NO ONE has ever seen anything like this?
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    My advice get an exorcist
    On a serious note, do a hard reset do not install any 3rd party software and monitor the device. If all is OK then start installing software one by one, do a little testing after installing each app. Until you figure out what is causing the freakish action.
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    I did the third paryt APP delete of every third party application and
    after reinstalling Volume Care what ever the latest version is,
    that is what is doing it. For some reason Volume Care is reactivated
    after you hang up a call hence the green light that goes on and will wake
    up your treo and it's like it's locked but you cant use your buttons very well.
    I have to soft reset it to get my gsm t650 and my sprint t650 to act properly.

    I still think Volume care is worth it though and now I can hear ANYONE ANYTIME On it. But if you get a second phone call and switch back to the first call then you have to hit the speaker phone button and turn the volume back up and then turn the speaker phone off and then the volume goes back to normal loud volume care level volume. It's a bug but once again it is worth it.
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    try 3.11 version released today. Unable the installed version --> uninstall the installed version then hotsync the 3.11
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    yep - i have volume care

    thx for the tip

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