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    I found a new service that you can use to view PDFs on the Palm. You need a graphics viewer (I know Acid Image Pro works). The way it works is you forward the attachment to an email address. From there, it is converted to TIF format and it is resent to you where you can view it with a graphics viewer. It can be run hosted from the provider or you can purchase the script and run it on your ow, provided you are running Exchange.

    You can see a demo at If you have any questions after viewing the demo, you can send an email to It shown running on GoodLink, but that is not a requirement (though HIGHLY recommended )
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    why not just use adobe for palm?
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    oh boy...because you need a desktop app to convert pdf to pdb.
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    Why uncompressed?
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    I ran a 100K PDF through it and it cam back 100K TIF. Dunno why he chose that format.
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    Seven (aka Sprint Buisness Connect) does a very nice job extracting and displaying the text from PDF's that are attached to emails. Great corporate email solution!
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    I wanted to clarify, this is not only for GoodLink. Any email solution can use this. He just happens to use GoodLink for the demo. As for BCE, does it also show the non-text items of PDFs?
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    Adobe used to have a similar service where you could email pdfs as attachments to their server and it woudl email back the txt version... alas it didn't seem to work the last time I checked, but here is the addy anyway...
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    Quote Originally Posted by GoodGuy
    As for BCE, does it also show the non-text items of PDFs?
    It does not, though I dont think thats a bad thing. Most PDF's I recieve at work are at least a meg
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    Hot D@mn!! I tried this, and it really works!! I had to download Acid Image Pro from, because I only had the basic version of this program. When I get back the return email, the PDF gets converted to "tif". When I click on the attachment, a window opens up, and I choose "Open with AI Pro". Then I can see the attachment...very cool!!

    Okay next question...does this service of sending PDF attachments to "" cost money, or will it starting costing money in the future?
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    OK, just so you know, Good already supports the conversion of pdf to a plain text view. I know this. The point is that many pdfs have graphics and tables and a text view of those pdfs is not always good enough or is not even possible. Some pdfs even have text stored in such a format that the text is not even extractable. So, for me with Good, I always try to do a text view first, but if I want to see how the Original really looks or if the txt view has no results, I use my pdf2tif conversion service.

    I chose Tif because there is no such thing as a multipage jpeg, however a multipage tif format does exist. Otherwise, if I converted a multipage pdf to jpg, a single 14 page pdf would become 14 different jpgs. That being said, I then chose to work with acid image pro because it is the only app for palm that can view a multipage tif that I know of and supports pan and zoom.

    So for me, until somebody writes a legal pdf viewer for the palm that is written in english and doesn't crash my device, this is the best solution I've found.

    I have currently written this for exchange as an event sink. I really want to sell this service to businesses and install it on their exchange server.

    However, I could just host the conversion service as I am now for a few people. For me hosting, I was thinking a minimum of 10 users at $15 per user per year (minimum purchase $150). That is the price with me hosting this solution.

    Or if a business has an exchange server, I could help them install the exchange event sink on their server for $500. For an additional $500, I would give up the source code. This is a server side solution and is very stable.

    If anyone is interested, send me an email to

    I was thinking for the individual who was interested, I will do conversions for $25 a year and register 1 allowed email address (if you can get 10 people together to sign up at once, I will make the price $15 per user). I was thinking I could do this via paypal. We'll see.

    I will put restrictions on the service tonight so this will no longer work without people first signing up and paying.

    Thank you,
    Jeremiah Cook
    Cook Consulting Services.
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    Hey Guys,

    I just signed up for this service. After doing a few tests yesterday, I was satisfied that the service works very well. The converted PDF to TIF file comes back to me by email very quickly, usually about 1 minute or faster.

    I signed up as an individual account. Unfortunately, at my company there are only a few other Treo users, as most are Blackberry users. As a matter of fact, the few Treo users at my company very recently bought their Treos directly because of me! After showing them all the cool features of a Treo, they got one themselves. So hopefully in time, there will be a lot more Treo users, and then we can get the company discount. In the meantime, I'm happy to blaze the trail in trying something new.

    I wish I had purchased Acid Image Pro from the start. I originally purchased only the basic version for $20, not the pro. So I ended up spending an additional $50 for the PRO version of Acid Image in order to view the converted PDF to TIF file. So hopefully others will know to get the Pro version from the get go.

    Jeremiah: Thanks for your explanation of why you chose the TIF format instead of Jpeg. In light of this explanation, it sure makes a lot of sense. I'd hate to have to view a bunch of jpeg images for a multiple page file. I hope you do well with your service...keep up the good work!

    PS: I'm guessing many Palm/Treo users generally like to try out software in the form of shareware first to see if it works and/or fits their needs. If there are restrictions that require immediate up front payment for service, this might possibly discourage potential users from trying your service. Maybe prospective users can get a free trial for 1 or 2 uses? For myself personally, I tested your service a few times to my satisfaction to make sure it really works in conjunction with Acid Image Pro. Just a thought.

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    I am cool with a 2 or 3 day demo. Just email me and I will setup one email address that you are allowed to send pdf attachments from. This should be the email address that you use on your Treo obviously. I will let you use it for a few days and then I will remove your email from the list, thus you will not be authorized to use the engine further until you pay. Prices above.

    Email me at
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    OK, I'm new at this, so folks please be kind... I installed Adobe Reader for Palm OS and I've been able to open .pdf files. However there seems to be a problem. Don't know whether it's with Snapper mail or the Adobe Reader. My company sends an attachment (.pdf) with every new job order. When I get company email, there is always an attached .pdf. However I'm getting an incorrect attachment and sometimes an error message, "database is corrupted". The text in the attachment is properly formatted. Is this the problem everyone is experiencing? (Hope this is clear...)
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    You can't view pdf on a Treo with Acrobat for palm unless you use the desktop software to first convert the pdf to a pdr or something like that. It is real crap. You can use my pdf2tif conversion agent though for $25 a year. Email me at and I'll set you up.
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    If someone hears of or develops a free solution (or one that does not have a subscription + $50 for cost of graphics/reader program), please post.

    Not a bad solution for the business user, though.
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    I have a Treo 600 and few weeks ago, accidentally dropped it and everything just died and stopped working. The lights won't come on and it will not reboot.
    Does anybody know the best place to send it for repairs and I reside in Austin, Tx.
    Thanks Alfred
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    Had previously installed Adobe Reader to view pdf files and had difficulty. Deleted the program,then re-installed the program from the Verizon cd. I think the initial difficulty was a result of a d/l from the Adobe web site.

    Is it possible that Verizon made some adjustment? I am getting pdf files, both text and images; without and fuss.
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    Quote Originally Posted by roppper
    Had previously installed Adobe Reader to view pdf files and had difficulty. Deleted the program,then re-installed the program from the Verizon cd. I think the initial difficulty was a result of a d/l from the Adobe web site.

    Is it possible that Verizon made some adjustment? I am getting pdf files, both text and images; without and fuss.
    The issue is you have to sync via cable to get the converted PDFs (through the Adobe desktop convertor). You can't open an unconverted PDF, ie, one received in email on the Treo.
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