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    I used to have a cell phone that had a 'scratch pad' feature-- you entered some menu command which would temporarily disable the dialpad while on a call. Useful for getting someones phone # off VM to call them back.

    I would LOVE to have this for my Treo! A piece of software that would add a 'scratch pad' button to the active phone screen. A tap of the button would allow me to enter someones # while retrieving VM or otherwise on an active call, and let me dial them up with a push of the green button when I hang up.

    So, does this exist? I know, I could quickly switch to diddlebug or something, but having it integrate into the phone would make my day!
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    What not get Butler and assign a button to notepad? Press the button while on speakerphone and whallah!
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    Well, that's a decent workround, but I really want to be able to dial the number right out of the phone app

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