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    Maybe I'm missing the menu, but I've had other cell phones that sound an alert when a call is dropped - so you don't go on rambling to dead air. Does the Treo have this? Where?

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    This would be nice.
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    Sound Preferences, Phone, Tones, Service Tone - On
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    that tone only sounds when your phone goes to no service. i think he is talking about while you're in the middle of a phone conversation and the call just drops. this service tone option doesnt do the latter.
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    Lightwav has an option for this.
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    My Sprint T650 has this feature. A funky little chime sound when a call is dropped. I believe the previous post is correct as to where to find it!
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    I appreciate the feedback on my request. I tried Lightwav and it sorta did what I want, but not really.

    It has a control for "disconnect", but then it kicks in every time I hang up on a call and continues to ring until I stop it. This isn't the elegant solution I was hoping for to signal a dropped call. My other phone (Samsung Verizon) had a simple beep when a call got dropped.

    Any other suggestions?

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    For some reason there's a bug with the hang up sound.

    If you use one of the built in sounds it keeps repeating. If you use an Mp3 it'll only play it once. I used an Mp3 version of the sound of a new AIM message being received for my disconnect and it only plays once.
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    Thanks for the tip lg. Tried with the midi and had the same repeat problem. Will try the mp3 option
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