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    Not sure if this one belongs to right thread, but if it's not, feel free to move it.

    For those of you who uses CompanionLink, I would like to know the setting for CompanionLink setup, especially what do you put in "PDA Name", since Palm Treo 650 is not listed in the drop down list. I tried to use Tungsten and Handspring Treo but both of them only sync my Calendar and Contacts, not my ToDo list.
    The only way I can sync my to do list is by using "Palm Desktop" as the PDA name, sync my Lotus notes with my Palm Desktop, then sync Palm Desktop with my Treo. Is there any way I can just sync it in just one step?

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    Use: Handspring Visor/Prism/Treo.
    The latest builds of the software support the extended custom fields on the 650.

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