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    Sometimes, when I try to surf with Blazer I get a message saying there is not enough room. I searched for this but did not see anything although I am sure I saw a thread on it before? How do you deal with this?
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    I think you probably have to clear your memory cache and your recently viewed pages.

    You can get ther by being in Blazer and then hitting the menu key and then go to memory management (I think). You might want to up the memory limit as well if you can.
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    Thanks. I have cleared the cache before but still wind up getting this error message. Very frustrating.
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    Did you try to up the memory limit like t2gungho mentioned. To do that from blazer you go menu>options>preferences>advanced> then you'll see it next to "set memory limit for storing pages". I have mine set to 3 megs with no problems and I have 8 megs of free internal space.
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    If clearing the cache doesn't work, then a soft reset definitely will.
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    Thanks for all of the help. I did not try upping the memory limit as suggested. I will try this. I would not make it without this board!

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