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    Is it possible to manually add a new hotsynch name to a Treo 650 withOUT actually doing a hotsynch? If so, how? This is for a coworker who just bought a Treo 650, and does not know how to hotsynch, and wants to purchase the new BackupBuddy 3 app for it. We've made up a hotsynch name to use, but the Treo doesn't actually have the name on it yet. I'm thinking the password for BackupBuddy won't recognize the theoretical hotsynch name, since it doesn't actually exist on the Treo yet.

    Also, it appears the new BackupBuddy 3.1 version has an entirely different method of registration. I think the new method gives you a link to click on for the internet, and they in turn email you a .prc file for hotsynching your password automatically to your Treo. Can someone confirm this? My coworker can't do this at this time, since he can't or won't hotsynch currently. Why can't the BackupBuddy people simply give you a serial number to enter yourself like they used to in the past??

    Thanks, CC.
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    Maybe this program will help your friend out?
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    Hi Addicted,

    Very cool! I think this may do the trick...thanks a lot!

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    Casey, I've preformed hard resets which of course,wipeout the HSID and have restored from the backup. And all was well. If I am understanding you correctly, if the device in use has never has a HSID applied to it, nor a backup to a SD card, then there will be no way for the 650 to know what the HSID is supposed to be.

    Why can't the BackupBuddy people simply give you a serial number to enter yourself like they used to in the past??
    Even if they did, you have to keep in mind that your coworker has never had a HSID applied to his 650. I dont know if BUB is HSID dependant or not. From what I've read about change name, thats exactly what it'll do, change the name. I couldnt find any documentation to support adding a name. It looks like changename expects a name to already be there.

    At this point, I dont think it would hurt your coworker to try it out anyway.
    ~ ScandaLous ~
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    I have a 650 (unlocked GSM) and I've never done a hot sync with it and I used change name and have used BUB 3.07 just fine. I don't know what HSID stands for, so I can't help you there. And, change name does more than change the name. My 650 never had a name and with change name it now does.
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    Hi mgabel,

    Thanks for your info. Question: How did you actually install the .prc file they emailed to you to register BackupBuddy, if you've never done a hotsynch? When my friend first bought the program, Palmgear sent him an email that gave a link to click on, which he then received an email of a .prc file to hotsynch which is supposed to install the registration. But since my friend doesn't ever do hotsynchs, how is it possible to register the BackupBuddy program? How did you do it? There's no way that I can see to click anywhere in BackupBuddy to enter any password. And the programmer will not even send a registration code, but instead only sends a .prc file for hotsynching the registration. Thanks! -CC.
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    they will need a reader writer also, but they can save the file to the card and use file z to transfer it to the treo.
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    this app is the best hotsync name changer out there it does what change name does and more, you can make the name of your choice the default hotsync I'd name, and it"other" uses as well....if you know what I mean....uh..!! you can get it here
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