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    I'm not sure if there is a way around this, but I can't figure it out...

    With b17, if I'm in Message View and open a message, the focus is on "OK". Scrolling up or down moves the message body appropriately. But, if I push left, the focus moves away from the buttons at the bottom of the screen and onto the body of the text. I can still push up/down to move the text and left/right moves between hyperlinks. Here's the 2 issues:

    1. In b17 with an html email, moving left/right within the text not only moves between hyperlinks, but all kinds of other things. I'm not sure what is being highlighted in the email, but it's not anything that can be clicked, just random pieces of a horizontal line, non-link text and other things. If they are on the screen I'm viewing, moving left/right will focus on them until I have moved through all of these things. It would be helpful if Chatter could skip all that and only focus on hyperlinks.

    2. Once I've moved the focus to the body of the message, there is no way to get it back to the OK or other buttons at the bottom until I get to the top or bottom of the email and tap right. In a long email with lots of hyperlinks at which Chatter is stopping to focus, that's a lot of pushes simply to get to the buttons at the bottom. Is there an easier way for me to navigate quickly to the bottom buttons while reading an email without having to go through the entire message?

    3. Lastly, the Preferences info button does not include info about some of the new Prefs and, in one case, contains info about a Pref that is not in the list. I'm not entire sure what some of the new Prefs do and updating the Info buttons would be helpful in clarifying.

    Thanks for all the hard work on html and the new message apperance, they look great!
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    I know about most of these things, and will try to get to them quickly.


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