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    This is strange, after updating to 1.12, then dropping on the Rom 5b, I can't seem to play amr files. Waves still don't work, obviously, but I was poking around that famous Palm KB article about ringtones at,Kb=PalmSupportKB,ts=Palm_External2001,case=obj(19349)

    And here's what's been changed:

    Tech tip: Instead of being in MIDI format (see below), voice recorder ringtones are captured in QCELP (Sprint PCS version) or AMR (GSM versions) format. They will still appear in the same list as MIDI ringtones, and the format isn't really important unless you try to send a QCELP or AMR ringtone to a third-party phone that doesn't support that format.

    Converting other files to AMR (GSM version only):...


    Now using AMR's are only available on GSM? Why is Sprint continuing to screw with us? How do I take care of this? This was working before I put on the custom ROM, while I was on 1.12. Now, however, it's not working with the custom one. But it would seem that Sprint is continuing to take away what little ability we had to customize ringtones (without mp3) then we did before, assuming that I'm not just losing my mind.

    Sorry for the cross-post, btw.
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    I have 3 or 4 amr's that I had installed before the 1.12 update and they still work just fine. I haven't tried to add any since then however.


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